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The company Bayer and its qualities


Bayer knows the wishes of bridal couples: the expression of an exceptional bond to one another via individual and unique wedding rings.

Founded in Konstanz in 2000 the young Bayer jewelry manufacture, which is now located in Pforzheim, can look back on an eventful history. As today’s business executives Sebastian and Konstantin Fischer took over Bayer in 2008 they faced an extraordinary challenge. They had to provide a strong and stable fundament for the company which would sustainably write black figures in the future and at the same time, they had to develop a new viable concept for Bayer.

The Fischers provide the right characteristics for the risk of establishing an own business: juvenile entrepreneurship and the courage to take risks and try something new, plus a great deal of ambition and diligence. Their good instinct for the companie’s future viability led to a well thought-out concept.
Ever since the business has been flourishing. The continuous development of design and solutions as how ideas and products can be technically best implemented, combined with investments in marketing and sales, let Bayer consistently grow.


Quality, flexibility and velocity are the strengths of Bayer. Today, Bayer only manufactures in Germany – every ring is 100% made in Germany. At our location in Pforzheim, young designers, goldsmiths and a competent sales team invest their passion daily and work proudly in the their respective occupations at Bayer – from the initial idea to the final touch, as well as a prompt delivery to the jeweler. This is the only way that allows quality, reliability and rapidity to be combined optimally.



Bayer has decided to distribute through stationary jewelers. “We do not have an online shop. We believe that products like wedding rings, that have such a strong emotional aspect need to be touched and tried on. The bridal couples want to see what the ring looks and feels like on their finger. Therefore, professional advice is crucial”, Sebastian Fischer says. You will find qualified and competent advice at a Bayer’s jeweler partners.



With unusual and individual designs, a wide range of different surfaces and the usage of special material, the Bayer manufacture has built itself a good reputation.

The Carbon collection counts on premium materials like gold or palladium in combination with carbon fibre or prefabricated carbon tube. Carbon has the advantage that it is very resistant against environmental influences and at the same time has a very special lightness. Today, young bridal couples are able to entirely express their modern style. With the dark marbled black, together with precious materials, you make a conscious decision to express it on your ring finger!

The Bayer Palladium collection relies on less unusual and individual wedding rings. Palladium, which is also known as the little sister of platinum, has a lot of similar characteristics to platinum. It convinces primarily through its resistance in terms of colour and shape. Exactly the right material for every couple that prefer timeless wedding rings as an expression to symbolise their life together.

The Difference collection offers a special thrill among the ring choices at Bayer. Wedding rings of this collection are different and unique. An unusual surface structure turn every ring pair into something special. Couples that make the decision for a Difference ring interpret their own story into the design and very much enjoy the individual appearance of their wedding rings.


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